Stage Photography - Capturing the Highlights

Stage Photography - Capturing the Highlights

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Photographer Niko Antero Hill from Finland, known for his work with many bands such as Flat Earth, talks about his passion for music, about his artwork, and his favorite bands. He also reveals some of his secret wishes.

Live concerts are often full of action, movements and high energy. From photographer’s perspective, stage photography is a challenge, and adventure of a kind. A good skill is important for capturing the perfect moment or getting in harmony with stage lighting (which can differ between venues). But one thing they are sure about is the passion for music - Concert photographers are the ones that tells the story of the musician’s performance.

Niko Hill is already recognizable concert photographer from Finland. His unique style and his dedication to this visual art is very well appreciated by the musicians and by the audience, as well.


-Are there any parallels and cross influences of your music taste upon your photography style, and does your music taste define you as an Artist, in some way?

"If you take photos of heavy metal bands, they should look heavy, if you took photos of rappers, they should look what they sound. My music taste defines me as a person because so many things in my life are related to music, and I only shoot bands what I like. Usually, I also listen the music of the photographed artist when I´m editing, it get´s you inside the picture, you know..."

Anttoni Pikkarainen - Flat Earth band, photo: Niko Hill


-What bands inspires you the most?

"Flat Earth is my number one at the moment, guys are great and I´m so happy that they have given me a chance to shoot live photos and other stuff. I also did the cover for the School Live Cover-single, 7“ vinyl version would be cool but I thinks it´s not coming. One of my dreams is that I get a chance to take a cover photo for a vinyl album. Long time I wanted to shoot Amorphis live, I did that this year, next thing could be something big like Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest. I´m also a big HIM fan so I hope I´m gonna live till they are coming back (maybe some day), and they would let me shoot few live - and backstage-photos, after that I´m ready to die."


-Am I right when I say that the patience, experimentation and persistence are the qualities which photographers need? From your perspective, what else is also important? 

"Yes. There are lots of waiting before the gigs, so much driving and sometimes also flying. You need also to know how you use your camera and study all the boring technical stuff. Live gigs are cool because you never know about the light, smoke, movement or anything before the gig starts. Sometimes the lights are ***** **** and it´s almost impossible to take good photos. Last gig was Sleep of the Monster and they had cool but weird lightning. At first it took a while to learn what settings I should use, but I´m very satisfied with the result. Tip nro. 1 NEVER GIVE UP! Shoot the gig and think afterwards what you could do different next time."


-What is the first thing you think of as a photographer, when you bring your camera up to your eye while observing the stage? Do you have to “explore“ the whole stage with musicians - discovering the best means of photographing it, or something else?

"Some photographers follow the gig some time and check what the people on the stage are doing, after that they start shooting. I start it immediately, and when the settings are what they should be, I follow the band one by one and hope they would do something cool at same time they are on my lens. Sometimes performers notices that I´m there and they might pose for the camera or come closer, movement is usually fast and there are only seconds to notice what´s happening and take the photo."

Tomi Joutsen - Amorphis, Photo: Niko Hill


-How do you recognize a good stage photo, and, are you focused on the audience as well?  In your oppinion, what is the best captured moment that shows the good vibe or atmosphere among the people in the crowd?

"You know it when you see it! Few times I got almost a perfect photo, one of them is called “Mona Linde“. Usually I´m too critical but I would be an asshole if I tell people that “I always take perfect photos“. There´s always something that disturbs me, something is always wrong, and that makes me want to learn more and to be a better photographer." 


-Your artwork is already recognizable, and that fact seems to be very important when it comes to the critics. It also seems, that each photographer develops their own way of looking at the world..

"There are as many ways to see the world as there is people watching it. My style has changed many times over the years, but in last 2 or 3 years I´ve been shooting with only 2 different lenses. Someday when I change one of them, the style gonna change also. If someone sees photo taken by me, and he knows it´s mine without a mention of me, It would be too awesome. Ville Juurikkala is one of my idols in the world of photography, you recognize he´s style when you see it. I have one of his Right Here In My Eyes-photos motivating me, I also bought his The 69 Eyes photobook, so much inspiration... I also recommend “Agony Walk“ by Vesa Ranta."


-What is important to you, when it comes to your personal style?

"I don´t want to copy or steal, style needs to be my own. If someone sees something too similar in my photos, please call me!"


Valonvarjo (Shadow of the Light) is also the name of your Facebook page. From an artist’s point of view, what’s the idea behind that phrase?

"The band called The Black League had a song called “Lost In The Shadows“.

“ Lost in the shadows...

I walk alone

Lost in the shadows...

Deep in the shadows of my soul.“

Many times I played this song from my phone when I was walking back home from a local bar, thinkin´ about life and death. I thought about the song and shadows of the life, and how to get out from them, back in to the light. There are always ups and down in life, and you just need to figure your own way to handle them. I also planned an exhibition about depression, death, happines, living, new life... and that is Valonvarjo - Shadow of the Light."


-What do you think about abstract photography? Do you sometimes use an abstract ideas to fulfil your creative emotion?

"Hmmmm... most of the time I don´t get it. It feels like the artist had no idea what he was doing, and he just did something because he needed to. Maybe that´s the same thing I do, I need to take photos because I want, and I take them the way I want to. But if the artist wants to make something, and someone is enjoying it, that´s great! I don´t want to be too experimental, but it´s of course ok to try different stuff and do what you want to do."


-Digital or analog photography - what is your choice, and why?

"Digital camera, but physical prints! I love canvas, and the pictures are way better when you see them super size! I also use film sometimes, and I´m planning to shoot more with the film after I´m finished with my other projects."

Katarina Misailović

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Novinar od 1999. godine.

Novinar, autor, voditelj, i muzički urednik na TV Čačak od 1999. do 2008. godine.

Autor i voditelj muzičkih emisija:

  • Videosound  (Rock muzika) - TV Čačak
  • Soba Pastelnih Tonova  (Klasična i jazz muzika) - TV Čačak
  • Soba (emisija istrażivačkog tipa - muzika kao fenomen, i uticaj muzičke umetnosti na razvoj društva;  razvojno psihološke osnove muzike) - TV Čačak
  • Emisija Art of Sound (Rock i pop), TV  projekat, 2008.
  • Prezenter i novinar- saradnik, u emisiji Mo Sport - SOS Kanal, 2009.
  • novinar - saradnik na portalima „Ozon Press“ i „Čačanski glas“ 2015.
  • Član UNS-a

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